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Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner

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Item Description:

Treat your wheels with this luxurious gel wheel cleaner

Acid-free wheel cleaning gel that removes brake dust easily

Clings to the surface for maximum penetration

Can be used frequently without damaging the wheel

Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner is tough on brake dust but gentle to your wheel's finish. Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner is a detergent-based gel that clings to your wheel's finish to break the bond between brake dust the wheel's surface. Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner is available in two versions, a ready-to-use trigger spray, and a concentrated formula which can be diluted with 1 part solution to 10 parts water. Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner is safe for all wheel finishes except highly polished aluminum and anodized.

This is not a runny spray that relies on the harsh acids to clean your wheels! Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner is safe enough to use regularly without ill effect. Perfectly clean wheels add the finishing touch to a perfectly detailed car. Keep your wheels clean -and safe- with Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner.

Porsche 997 GT2 RS wheels being cleaned with Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner

Directions for use:
  1. Ensure wheels are cool to the touch
  2. Remove loose dirt from the wheels by rinsing with water from a hose or pressure washer
  3. Spray Imperial Wheel Cleaner liberally on the face of the wheel, behind the spokes, and the brake caliper
  4. Agitate the face of the wheel with a soft brush, such as a Montana Boar's Hair Wheel Brush. Lightly scrub the barrels of the wheel, behind the spokes, and the brake caliper with a flexible wheel brush such as a Daytona Speed Master Wheel Brush
  5. Rinse thoroughly with a pressure washer or hose, and then dry the wheels to avoid water spots with a soft All Purpose & Wheel Microfiber Towel
500 ml.
Made in the UK.

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Product Reviews

Auto Finesse Imperial Wheel Cleaner
3.5 Stars based on 2 Review(s)
Cleveland Heights, OH
4 Stars
I would recommend this item to a friend.

Very Good Product
February 1, 2015
This wheel cleaner is the color changing kind that turns purple/red and stinks like rotten eggs. But, all the color changingg ones do. This was almost as effective as Sonax's Full Effect. This is half the price of Sonax, and is almost as effective. Also, this can be used on paint like iron X. Just consider this a small bottle of iron x, but at a much cheaper price.
It works well. Is priced cheap.

Wendell Jarvis
Richmond Ky
3 Stars

Bit dissapointed
September 8, 2014
Purchased this with hopes of being a good wheel cleaner, it does do a descent job on well maintained wheels but really dirty wheels, doesn't quite do it at all....requires allot of scrubbing and work to get the wheels half way clean.....too may other products out there that do a better job
Cons....really have to scrub to get wheels clean,didn't live up to its claim....have to use allot of the product
to pricey, didn't live up to its claim, sprayer leaks like crazy

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