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Auto Finesse Illusion Car Wax 200 ml.

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Item Description:

Do not mistake the deep shimmering reflections imparted on your paint by Auto Finesse Illusion Car Wax for a mirage. They are real. Illusion Car Wax was designed by the wax-crafting wizards at Auto Finesse to be a total show wax. Each application alters the way your paint reflects light, giving it a true liquid shine and reflections that ripple across the subtle curves and designs features of your bodywork.

Auto Finesse Illusion Car Wax is the ideal show car wax. Winning awards is about capturing the judge's attention and impressing them with the right details. Auto Finesse Illusion Car Wax will engross each judge's attention by engaging their imagination. Paint treated with Illusion will appear saturated in color and reflections appear animated as they ripple with life.

The same aesthetic beauty that captures the judge's eye will create stares of admiration from onlookers. If you are uncomfortable being the center of attention, look to another wax. Auto Finesse Illusion Car Wax is not just a show winner, but a show stopper.

Auto Finesse Illusion Car Wax features 48% T1 grade Carnauba Wax by volume. Premium T1 grade carnauba wax is the cornerstone of Auto Finesse's wax line. Carnauba wax is nature's armor against the direct sun rays and harsh climate of the Brazilian rainforest. When exposed to water carnauba wax swells and seals your paint from moisture. This causes the water to form little marble-like droplets that roll from the surface. Like all Auto Finesse waxes, Desire is easy to apply, easy to remove, and provides long-lasting protection.

Directions for use:
  1. Ensure bodywork is clean, dry and free from contamination
  2. If necessary, treat paint with Auto Finesse Rejuvenate Pre Wax Cleanser
  3. Apply wax sparingly with a foam applicator to form an even film and allow to haze
  4. Remove haze with a soft microfiber towel such as a Supreme 530
  5. Leave to cure for at least 3 hours before applying an additional coat
  6. Rebuff if necessary to ensure a smooth, even finish and a brilliant shine
200 ml.
Made in the UK.

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Auto Finesse Illusion Car Wax 200 ml.