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Price Match Policy

Affiliate Guidelines

Affiliate Guidelines

Thank you for joining the Autopia Car Care Affiliate Program.  This program is conducted in cooperation with our affiliate channel partner, Commission Junction.  If you are not already a affiliate in the Commission Junction network, you will need to join.

We have developed certain guidelines to help all affiliates reach their full potential. These guidelines are here for your benefit and we ask that you read through each guideline thoroughly.

We look forward to a long, profitable partnership and appreciate your support.

Marketing Message

Since 1999, the goal of the Autopia Car Care web site ( has been to provide quality information and detailing products for people who love their cars. Anyone can bring every brand name in the industry into their web store and tell you that every product is “the best”. We focus on what works and the products we will use on our own cars.

Our customer promise is to provide knowledgeable advice, excellent product and price selection, reliable shipping and superb customer service.


Autopia Car Care will provide you with an extensive library containing text links, banners (in different sizes and design). With such a variety to choose from, we are certain you will find graphics and links that fit your website. Autopia Car Care’s creative is updated on an extremely frequent basis thereby always providing you with fresh material. Please note we are unable to customize creative for any individual affiliate. However, we are certainly open to suggestions and will always present them for review to our creative team.

To maintain the integrity of the Autopia Car Care name, we insist that no affiliate create or change (resize, color, stretch, flatten, etc) any of the creative found in our library. The use of photography or graphics taken directly from the Autopia Car Care website shall not be allowed. All creative is the copyright of Autopia Car Care under protection of the Copyright Act of 1976. We are here to help you in any way we can. If you have a special requirement, please feel free to contact us through our Contact Us page.

Supplementing Creative with Text

The integrity of the marketing message of Autopia Car Care must be maintained. We know that every site is different and has different needs. However, we must not divert from our marketing message and therefore ask that you do not use terms and phrases to support creative content that does not come specifically from Autopia Car Care.

Should it be necessary to add text, we recommend that you contact us and we will review each request on an individual basis.

Terms/Phrases that should never be considered:

  1. Cheap
  2. Obscenities
  3. Discounted Prices
  4. Bargains
  5. Deals
  6. Sales
  7. Free Shipping
  8. Can’t Be Beat

If text associated with Autopia Car Care or its creative, takes away from our marketing message, Autopia Car Care will issue a warning requesting a change to the questionable material. If no action is taken within (7) seven days, Autopia Car Care reserves the right to end the affiliate relationship.


Profanity will not be tolerated nor will any association with obscene or questionable material. Affiliate sites may not contain or have links to other sites where obscene or questionable material exists. Obscene and questionable materials include but are not limited to:

  1. Sexual poses or images of extreme suggestive poses
  2. Pornographic images or graphics
  3. Images of people in suggestive attire
  4. Inappropriate or offensive language

When questionable material is found, the affiliate will be asked to remove it. Within (7) seven days, if no action is taken, Autopia Car Care reserves the right to terminate the affiliate relationship.

Domain Names

Domain names that contain a variation, misspelling or misrepresentation of Autopia Car Care are not allowed.

Search Engine Marketing

  1. Publishers may NOT use or any variation of the Autopia Car Care name or web address as their display URL.
  2. Language such as “Official Site” or “Official Store” in keyword descriptions is strictly prohibited.
  3. Direct linking is NOT allowed. Search traffic must first be directed to a landing page where the user initiates a click to via an affiliate link.
  4. Publishers may NOT outline the Autopia Car Care web site or hide the Autopia Car Care URL with another URL.
  5. Publishers may NOT use terms that incorrectly represent our name and product quality. Words such as “Cheap”, “Discounted”, “Bargains”, “Deals” to name a few.
  6. Publisher domain names may NOT contain or any variation or misspelling of our name.
  7. Publishers may NOT promote Autopia Car Care promo codes. The only promotions authorized for affiliate distribution are those made available in your chosen network provider creative library.
  8. Publishers may NOT use pop-up or pop-under technology to promote Autopia Car Care.

Autopia Car Care expects strict adherence to these guidelines. Failure to do so will result in expulsion and reversal of commission from the program. We appreciate your compliance with these guidelines.

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