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Auto Finesse Iron Out Iron Remover Spray 5 Liter

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Item Description:

Remove iron fallout from your wheels and paint with this powerful spray!

Advanced cleaning solution penetrates iron fallout above and below the surface

Deep cleans the paint, reaching where detailing clay cannot

Easy to use formula that works fast, revealing a smooth, clean surface

Auto Finesse Iron Out Iron Remover Spray is a powerful cleaning solution designed to remove stubborn iron deposits on your car's paint and wheels. Auto Finesse Iron Out Iron Remover Spray effectively removes iron contamination from above, and below, the surface without the use of harsh chemicals. Simply spray on the surface and watch Iron Out work as it turns purple. Then rinse away iron contaminates with a steady stream of water to reveal a clean, contaminate free finish.

Your paint is subject to iron contamination from the atmosphere. These iron particles land on your paint and begin to oxidize, becoming increasingly difficult to remove. You may not see them, but you can feel them with you fingers. Auto Finesse Iron Out Iron Remover Spray dissolves the iron particulate, making it easy to rinse away. Unlike traditional detailing clay, Iron Out penetrates below the surface of the paint, removing the contamination completely.

Auto Finesse Iron Out Iron Remover Spray is excellent for cleaning wheels that are coated with stubborn, baked on brake dust. Traditional wheel cleaners struggle to remove heavy deposits of brake dust. Auto Finesse Iron Out Iron Remover Spray quickly dissolves iron-based dust, releasing it from your wheels and leaving them clean.

Directions for use:
  1. Apply liberally to the surface
  2. Wait for the reaction to turn any contaminates purple
  3. Thoroughly rinse with water
  4. Repeat if needed
5 Liter
Made in the UK.

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Auto Finesse Iron Out Iron Remover Spray 5 Liter