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Lake Country 6 1/4 Inch Ultra-Fiber Dual Action Microfiber Pad (2-Pack)

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Item Description:

Polish faster, polish smoother, polish smarter with Ultra-Fiber!

Ultra-Plush Microfiber runs smooth and delivers superior finishing ability

Ideal results on factory, refinished, and gel-coat paint systems

Specifically designed for dual-action machine polishers

Lake Country Ultra-Fiber 6 1/4 inch Dual Action Microfiber Pads give your dual action polisher the ability to remove serious paint defects quickly! Swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and fine grade wet sanding marks can be removed from all paint systems including factory finishes, after market systems, single stage lacquers, and gel-coat surfaces. Lake Country refused to compromise when building this pad and designed it for use with dual action polishers only.

It starts with the carefully selected ultra-plush microfiber material found on the face of all Ultra-Fiber Microfiber Pads. The densely knit, long microfiber pile is functionally non-abrasive to the paint. That means it offers almost no polishing power and is as gentle to your paint as a soft microfiber towel. However your favorite polish will coat each individual fiber and allow a high percentage of your polish to work at once. The high load of active polishing agents allows for very fast cutting action. The long pile Ultra-Fiber ™ microfiber allows air to travel through out the pad, keeping your paint cooler while allowing for smooth buffing action.

The Lake Country Ultra-Fiber 6 1/4 Inch Dual Action Microfiber Pads feature a stiff, yet pliable cross-linked polyethylene core. This specially designed core offers the perfect balance of firmness and conform-ability. The firm structure transfers both the spinning and orbital motion of a DA polisher directly to the paint for maximum polishing efficiency. The polyethylene core is flexible to conform to complex curves as well.

The latest in laminating technology gives all Lake Country Ultra-Fiber DA Pads the durability to stand up to repeated use. A Velcro brand hook and loop attachment allows the 6 1/4 inch Ultra-Fiber Pads to attach to any 6 inch dual action backing plate securely. We recommend using the Dual Action Flexible 6 inch Backing Plate for maximum polishing results.

Clean the Ultra-Fiber surface frequently while polishing. Use a Pad Conditioning Brush or compressed air to remove caked on polish residue and fluff the microfiber. Lake Country Ultra-Fiber 6 1/4 Inch Dual Action Microfiber Pads are machine washable and reusable. After polishing you can wash them in your washing machine with a high quality microfiber detergent such as BLACKFIRE Microfiber Cleaner & Restorer and allow to air dry.

Pad measures 6 1/4 inches wide by 1/4 inches tall.
Pack of two

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Lake Country 6 1/4 Inch Ultra-Fiber Dual Action Microfiber Pad 2-Pack