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3M Sun Gun Color Matching Light -16550

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Item Description:

Bring the sun to you for the ultimate in paint inspection!

Powerful 50 watt light shows numerous paint defects.

Used to match paint blend, color imperfections, and swirl marks.

Built in cooling fan keeps the light cool and extends life.

The 3M Sun Gun Color Matching light is a serious tool originally built for painters to check the quality of their work when doing extensive repairs. Detailers and enthusiasts have found the 3M Sun Gun Color Matching Light to be an invaluable tool in checking for surface imperfections such as a scratches, swirl marks, and micro marring. It is one of the most powerful and accurate inspection lights developed for paint work and will insure the quality of your work looks as good in the sun as it does in the shade.

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3M Sun Gun Color Matching Light -16550