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3M Plastic Care Kit -39011K

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Item Description:

Restore plastics in just two steps!

Restores scratches, cloudiness, and yellowing from plastic.

Perfect for headlights, taillights, visors, and windscreens.

Professional results for the do-it-youselfer!

The 3M Plastic Care Kit removes scratches, cloudiness, and yellowing to restore the clarity and shine to plastics. Polish away the damage and uncover crystal clear headlights, taillights, visors and windscreens. The 3M Plastic Care Kit is your plastic restoration solution.

Dull, cloudy plastics make your vehicle look older, and they can be a safety hazard! Cloudy headlights reduce the amount of light reaching the road, which inhibits your ability to see at night. The 3M Plastic Care Kit will restore your headlights and your safety.

The 3M Plastic Care Kit includes:

8 oz. 3M Plastic Polish
3M Plastic Cleaner is a level more intense than the Plastic Cleaner in strength. This product was designed to tackle plastics that are scratched or stained, overly dirty, have grown cloudy or hazy, etc. 3M Plastic Polish restores plastic headlights, taillights, fog lights, and boat windows and windscreens. It also works on colored plastics to remove scratches and brighten the color.

8 oz. 3M Plastic Cleaner
3m Plastic Cleaner goes above and beyond its job description—it doesn’t just clean, but it removes fine, hairline scratches, stains, haziness, caked on grime, water spots and streaks from all plastics in automobile, aircraft, marine, motorcycle and residential surfaces! One of the most useful, cost effective products in its class, it renews older plastics and keeps new plastics looking clear and new.

Mango Breeze Microfiber Towel, 16 x 16 inches (color may vary)
With a 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide, the Mango Breeze Microfiber Towel is designed to perform all your cleaning, polishing and buffing jobs. This towel has a double-sided structure: one side has tight loops for cleaning and polishing, the other side is feathery soft for buffing.

2 Poly Foam Wax Applicators
These universal applicators are made of quality closed cell soft poly-foam. They are pliable, strong, and efficient. Use again and again, for any applicator need, then simply toss in the washing machine and they are good as new.

For the best results, use 3M Plastic Polish first to remove heavy oxidation and stains from plastic. Polish in a circular motion until the polish is almost dry. Buff away the residue. Then follow up with 3M Plastic Cleaner to refine the surface like a finishing polish. Buff with the Cobra Mango Microfiber Towel. The 3M Plastic Care Kit should only be used on uncoated plastics.

Use the 3M Plastic Care Kit on clear and colored plastics. Just two steps removes imperfections and restores the like-new appearance of plastics.

Kit includes:

8 oz. 3M Plastic Polish
8 oz. 3M Plastic Cleaner
Mango Breeze Microfiber Towel, 16 x 16 inches (color may vary)
2 Poly Foam Wax Applicators

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3M Plastic Care Kit -39011K