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3M Paint Defender Spray Film 90000

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3M Paint Defender Spray Film creates a thick, clear film on your vehicle's paint. This easy-to-apply formula provides substantial protection against rock chips, bugs, sand, salt and everyday driving hazards. 3M formulated Paint Defender Spray for the do-it-yourselfer, so you can get professional clear film protection for a fraction of the price and none of the hassle.

You spray 3M Paint Defender Spray Film onto your vehicle's paint. It will dry to a clear, durable film that is nearly invisible. 3M Paint Defender Spray Film will provide up to a year or more of protection against road hazards that would penetrate waxes, sealants and even paint coatings. It is a sprayable “clear bra” in a can.

Keeping your vehicle protected with 3M Paint Defender Spray Film is a great investment. Bugs and bird bombs can stain paint. Rocks and sand can blast your paint leaving chips and divots. While this damage is considered normal, it detracts from appearance and lends to deprecated value. Because 3M Paint Defender Spray Film protects your paint by tucking it safely under a blanket of thick protection, your paint will look great for years to come. Annual application will keep your paint looking like new.

3M Paint Defender Spray Film is easy to remove at any time. If you live in a high hazard area or wish to start over, you can simply pull the film off the paint. Included in the package is a detailed instruction guide and a 1 oz. packet 3M Synthetic Wax.

Areas such as the leading edge of your hood, front bumper, rocker panels and mirrors are literal targets for airborne debris and road hazards. The beauty of 3M Paint Defender Spray Film is you can apply it anywhere you wish, as needed. Put your paint's protection in your own hands with 3M Paint Defender Spray Film.

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3M Paint Defender Spray Film 90000