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3M Perfect-It Double Sided Foam Compounding Pad 8 inches - 05706

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Item Description:

Finally a compounding pad that runs cool!

Remove swirl marks and sanding mark scratches.

Use with aggressive compounds to medium grade polishes.

Patented “waffle” convoluted foam design runs cool.

Most compounding foam pads run warm because of the friction they create. The 3M Perfect-It Double Sided Foam Compounding pad uses a smoother running convoluted pad design to keep the surface cool. The dense foam enhances the leveling ability of the compound by keeping the compound on top of the pad, rather than absorbing it. The convoluted design "breathes", meaning air can pass under the pad. The passage of air breaks the surface tension so the pad glides more easily over the paint. Additionally this pad features two polishing sides and a central attachment that allows more work to be done with fewer pads, in less time The 3M Perfect-It Double Sided Foam Compounding Pad features a perfectly centered female attachment to attach to the 3M Quick Release Adapter for easy changing.

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3M Perfect-It Double Sided Foam Compounding Pad 8 inches - 05706
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