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3M Perfect-It 3000 Buffing Apron - 06059

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Item Description:

Guard yourself against buffer sling!

One size fits all


Pockets for bottles of polishes


Wear the 3M Perfect-It 3000 Buffing Apron to protect your clothes while detailing. The thick fabric protects your vehicle from belt buckles and buttons while it keeps polishes and waxes from soiling clothes. Don't detail without it!

After detailing your car, do you look like you could use a detailing? Then you'll be glad you got the 3M Perfect-It 3000 Buffing Apron. This sturdy detailing apron keeps products off your clothes and it protects the vehicle from anything on your clothes that might scratch, like buttons, buckles, and zippers.

The 3M Perfect-It 3000 Buffing Apron is washable and one size fits all.

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3M Perfect-It 3000 Buffing Apron - 06059