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1Z Einszett Pro Line Intensive Paste Intensiv

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1Z Einszett Intensive Paste is a silicone-free fine cutting compound formulated to remove 1500 and 2000 color sanding marks and scratches, remove severe swirl marks, orange peel and paint overspray. 1Z Einszett Intensive Paste is a low-dusting for easy cleanup. Unlike many compounds which scour the surface, Intensive Paste produces a very fine finish even on darker colored paint.

1Z Einszett Intensive Paste does not hide or mask paint defects; it removes them. The formula is free of any silicone or wax. This fine cut compound is safe for use on marine applications with gel coats. For machine use only. Follow with 1Z Einszett High Gloss Polish for best results.

1 liter (33.8 fl oz.)

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1Z Einszett Pro Line Intensive Paste Intensiv