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1Z Einszett Leather Care

1Z Einszett Leather Care

1Z Einszett Leather Care (Lederpflege) is a special leather conditioning cream formulated using natural carnauba wax, silicone waxes and polymer care components to ensure gentle care of leather, interior car fittings, leather luggage and all types of finished (painted) leather.

Einszett Leather Care effortlessly removes dirt, grease and oil as it conditions. It penetrates quickly and deeply into the pores of the leather, restoring the natural moisture without leaving a greasy film. Exclusive high-quality care components protect the leather surface from becoming brittle, maintaining leather in its as-new condition. If your leather requires reconditioning, Einszett Leather Care will re-moisturize and soften moderately dehydrated hides.

Einszett Leather Care revitalizes the natural leather scent without using artificial, overpowering fragrances. The final finish of your leather seats will be a natural matte, with a hint of sheen, just as your car came from the factory.

NOTE: Safe for all modern leather interior finishes. Not for use on dyed leather.